It seems as if South African foreign affairs have largely been driven by the ANC’s sense of gratitude, to recognise and reward nations which supported the ANC during its struggle against apartheid.  This at least, is the Direct Democracy Forum’s (the DDF’s) perception from over 15 years of ANC foreign affairs activities.  While the DDF recognises this and has some sympathy for the position, its policies will not be driven by such considerations.


South Africa under the DDF will seek good relations with all the international community but particularly with those it sees as being necessary for the wellbeing of the country and its citizens.  It will  unapologetically encourage democracy and respect for human rights wherever appropriate  .  It will do this by lending South Africa’s support and good will to all who support the development of democracy and uphold human rights and will by example encourage others to walk a similar path.

Leadership in international affairs:

South Africa under a DDF administration will not turn its back on countries which do not support democracy and human rights but will seek to lead by example, to demonstrate the benefits a democratic disposition and respect for human rights have on a country and its people.  However, it will not reward despotism, however it is exercised.

International Alignments 

South Africa under the DDF, to whatever extent is possible, will be unaligned (even toward the so called unaligned nations) and seek to do what is in the best interests of the country and all its citizens, treating each circumstance on its own merits.

Southern African Regional Affairs:

In regional matters, the DDF will take the view that South Africa’s security, prosperity and stability are linked irreversibly to the security, prosperity and stability of its neighbours and will therefor by example, seek to promote policies which will promote those qualities in the South African region as a whole and in particular in those countries which are its direct neighbours.   It will participate enthusiastically in the international forums to which it is already aligned, including the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and support all initiatives to strengthen the economies of the Southern African sub-continent.  But it will do so as an enthusiastic supporter of democracy and democratic processes and as a supporter of human rights, and  seek to lead by example rather than by any other means.

African and World Affairs:

At an African and world level, a DDF administration will consistently support Democracy and human rights while maintaining a non-aligned stance and seek to lead by example and do what is in the best interests of the country and to participate enthusiastically and honestly in the affairs of the AU and the UN and the Commonwealth of Nations and with the so-called emerging nations group BRICS and also pursue healthy relationships with all the nations of the Southern Hemisphere.  South Africa will seek to become the country most desired as an ally and friend because of the independence and honesty of its relations with the international community and the wisdom of its positions. 

Trade and Tourism: 

The DDF will actively encourage trade opportunities with existing and new trade partners within Africa and the rest of the world.  Particularly the DDF will develop a cohesive set of policies where all of government are united in efforts to attract trade and tourism and develop the economy as a preferred destination for all types of international activities and a total experience destination for all legally and morally acceptable types of tourism.