The Direct Democracy Forum (the DDF) will:

  • Through the use of TEAL, make a great deal more money available for housing and community development.
  • Close the gap between those qualifying for state housing aid and those qualifying for commercial funding.
  • Develop funding resources, particularly for that gap market.
  • Develop programs for training and skills development.
  • Match the needs for skills development, employment and housing and rural development in a national plan to address as many and as much of those needs as possible.
  • Skill as many of the unemployed in housing and community development as possible.  This will involve training in all aspects of community development, civil engineering, resource and service delivery development, building and allied trades and industries.
  • Put these newly skilled ‘unemployed’ to work, in gainful employment, building communities and homes for themselves and the under-housed in the land.
  • Convert every slum and informal settlement into a housing project for the needy and the not so needy.

Note, this will not be a make-work plan.  The needs are there, the work is there, the employment opportunities for trades people and small, medium and large business enterprises, are there for the taking, if properly funded.  And that is something the DDF can do.


  • Improved funding for Housing and Community development.
  • More developed skills pool.
  • Employment of  the newly developed skills pool.
  • Reduced unemployment.
  • Contribute significantly to eliminating the housing backlog.
  • Reduced demands on social welfare.
  • Increased tax base.
  • Grow of the GDP.
  • Created viable and sustainable communities.
  • Made home ownership, no matter how humble, available to everyone in the land
  • Given ordinary people purpose and dignity.


The DDF believe that a coordinated effort between education and training, housing and job creation will impact positively on social welfare costs and solutions and have positive knock-on effects on health, education and training and security issues and costs.  All these sectors of our society are interconnected.  When one fails or fails to deliver adequately, all the other sectors are put at risk.   

The DDF aim to improve all these sectors of the economy and use the housing and community development as a significant instrument in the upliftment of our people, society and economy