The Direct Democracy Forum (DDF) intend to restructure Home Affairs and redefine their priorities:


Under a DDF administration, the mission of the Department of Home Affairs would be to

  • deliver the services necessary to provide the documentation required for citizens and approved non citizens to live in SA within the law
  • do so without undue delay and in compliance with the required turnabout times
  •  investigate and prosecute illegal use of authorised and or counterfeit SA documentation.
  • keep proper records of all relevant administrative and financial transactions.    


  • Create a department focused on service: 
  • Create a department focused on post-delivery verification 
  • Create a department focused on prosecution, withdrawal of documents and correctional action, 
  • Create a department focused on internal administration and accounting.


  • The DDF will set invariable turnabout targets for issuing of documents.
  • Implement an ethic of prima facie acceptance of documents issued by the department – so an ID document reflecting SA citizenship would be accepted as prima facie evidence of a right to a South African passport and etc.
  • In the event that the department suspects the authenticity of supporting document the department will be obliged to issue the requested document within the turnabout period but must also refer the document for post delivery verification.


  • Birth Certificates – on demand.
  • ID Documents – temporary – on demand.
  • ID Documents – permanent – 7 day.
  • Passport – 7 day.
  • Visas – 30 days.
  • Visitor work permits – 7 days.
  • Permanent Residency – 30 days after application after 1 year or more of temporary residence.
  • Nationalisation – 30 days after application after 5 years permanent residence.

Criminal Records:

  • A criminal record would:
    • invalidate applications by non citizens for SA residential documentation, work permits and citizenship and would probably result in deportation.
    • if deemed appropriate by the courts, invalidate nationalisation and result in deportation.


  • The downside of this liberal approach would be severe penalties imposed on anyone abusing the system, be they members of the public or officers of Home Affairs.

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