The Direct Democracy Forum are determined to reverse the brain drain by:

  • Taking a tough line on crime, corruption and nepotism (see Security and Judiciary)
  • Turning around our education system (see Eduction and Training).
  • Turning around our public service (see Internal Affairs).
  • Turning around our Health Services (see Health Care).
  • Converting our constitution and parliamentary and upper house processes to support the people instead of the state and the ruling political party.
  • Converting SA’s taxation system to be the most progressive and equitable tax system in the world.
  • Enter into strategies that will employ SA’s newly skilled workers and professionals in occupations that SA desperately needs in order to preserve its public and private enterprises at first world standards rather than the third world standards toward which it has been steadily slipping.


These are not strategies designed specifically to reverse the brain drain but are intended to fix that which we feel is broken or not working properly, but if we get them all right we will certainly turn SA into the most desired destination in the world, which will have the same effect.