Notwithstanding the importance of relationships South Africa enjoys and has enjoyed, the Direct Democracy Forum (the DDF) would pursue a much more pragmatic and trade based approach, driven more by the needs of SA’s economy than by any particular ideology.  This approach is largely acknowledged and supported in this article on SA’s relationship with the BRICS group of nations:

The DDF will:

    • promote trade with any country with which SA’s traders and industrialists can make a case for promoting.
    • aid the development of industries for which there are market niches elsewhere in the world
    • aid the development of industries for which there are domestic markets
    • aid SA’s industries to become competitive with imported products and embark on a strategy of buying South African products, as a government and as a nation, in favour of buying imported products
    • aid SA’s industries to compete in the international market place.
    • embark on a strategy of import replacement
    • expand into new markets (for example the BRIC nations) without prejudicing trade with past trade partners – the DDF will seek the best of both worlds. 

Do all the above in cooperation with all the agencies of government so we put South African’s first and turn South Africa away from being a nation of consumers to being a nation of producers.   


This strategy has been done before and can be done again.  In terms of science and technology and trade and industry, we don’t need to be one of the world’s Cinderella nations.  We have been before and can be again, a world class innovator and leader in whatever arena we set our mind to, and there are many opportunities.  

A DDF administration will see to it that that becomes South Africa’s new reality.