Scope of Human Contraband and Trafficking:

Human Contraband and Trafficking is an incredibly complex topic.

The DDF have chosen to focus on human trafficking because the modern criminal will often use human resources as a multi-faceted organ of criminality.  The hope is that by focusing on human trafficking one gathers in the net drug, weapons and WOMDs, wildlife and animal parts, currency, commodity. gemstone and human smugglers as well as human trafficking and all their related criminality, viz prostitution, sexual slavery, domestic slavery, commercial and industrial slavery and exploitation, sweat shops, illicit drug dealing, loan sharking, money laundering, corruption, gang violence and more criminality.

Criminal Activity as a Business Venture:

All of these activities are interrelated.  Crime is highly sophisticated often run with all the  structures and resources of big business.  Some criminal activities are run behind the fronts of business organisation.  Typical are travel agencies fronting for human trafficking and smuggling, import export and shipping and forwarding companies fronting for all types of smuggling, animal related businesses (zoos and game parks and import export agencies) fronting for animal and game and animal parts smuggling and even banks and banking can be used for money laundering.  Very often, gangs will trade in illicit goods.  For example gang A in country AA will smuggle drugs to Gang B in country BB and Gang B will pay Gang A in trafficked humans and or stolen vehicles or whatever, much of which could not occur if public services officials were not paid to look the other way at certain times, or not to look too closely at documentation or content or were better paid and motivated to do their jobs properly.

Coordinated Strategies: 

So it is insidious – it seeps into every part of our lives and the DDF will use every resource and every agent of government available to it to stop it at its source, where possible, and where not, to make trafficking and smuggling and related criminality very unprofitable for any who get caught and therefor  too risky to engage in in the first instance.