And we thought Anene’s was an isolated case.

While Anene Booysen’s rape and murder horrified South Africa and the world, the rape and murder of Letty Wapad some time in 2010, a 24-year-old mother at the time, brutally raped and murdered in a similar fashion to Anene, went almost unreported.

In this blog, the Direct Democracy Forum have spoken often of the ills of our society such as here and here, and again, some poor unfortunate woman is a victim, not just of an isolated group of disassociated thugs, but because they are the product of a dysfunctional and disassociated society, they, Anene and Letty, were victims if this, our dysfunctional and disassociated society, and we have to fix it before it becomes endemic.

The DDF have policies which will raise the poor and the destitute out of their cycles of poverty, restore the role of families and communities to be the foundations of our society, restore respect and care for our women by our men, and return South Africa to sanity.

But to do all that the DDF need support from all who want those good things to happen.

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The buck stops at the ballot box.