Net1 and CPS – Collusion to rip-off social security recipients.

This M & G report “Cashing In on social grants” depicts another form of gate-keeping and piracy, aided and abetted by the ANC led government.

A Direct Democracy Forum will not permit such activities.  No government contractor or supplier would be permitted to use their control of any non-competitive activity to profit from that privileged activity, as seems to be the case of Net1 and CPS control of the social grants payment system.  Abuse was predicted by every critic of the social grants payment tender and sure enough, abuse is rampant.

The DDF would legislate so micro-lenders would not be able to gain super profits from their activities, on the one hand, nor would they be permitted to leverage a privileged position to provide for-profit services to what is in effect a captive market.

This is just another form of gate-keeping we are committed to eradicate.

We are not there to do that now but we will be there in the future and we will do exactly what we say. 

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