Plea from the coal-face of education

This considered and impassioned appeal for sanity in the education system comes from a senior school history teacher whose experiences in the classroom do not equate to the results of her pupils in the 2013 Matric examinations and echo the opinions of Professor Jonathan Jansen University of Free State vice chancellor.

The bottom line is what the Direct Democracy Forum have been asserting constantly, that successive ANC governments and in particular their education departments have been perpetuating massive educational fraud upon the hapless and near helpless parents and students trapped in our public education system.  Not only is the message misleading to these unfortunates but also attempts to mislead society as a whole.  These attempts fail because society has its own standards.  They are simple standards.  Are high school graduates sufficiently literate and numerate to make it in the work place or in institutions of higher learning?  The general consensus is that no, the average high school graduate is not sufficiently literate or numerate for those tasks.

Why is this fraud?  Well, if you enter into a contract with a supplier to supply you with a given product of a given quality and function and the supplier supplies you with a dysfunctional product of an inferior quality dressed up as a product of the contract, then the supplier is committing a commercial crime.  He is committing fraud.  The fact that the supplier is government supplying to a captive market who cannot effectively counter government’s claims of functionality and appropriateness of product merely exacerbates and heightens the degree of fraud.

It is the DDF‘s intention that a DDF administration will hold those responsible for this fraud accountable and bring them to account.  And it is a massive fraud, perpetuated on nearly 500 000 scholars per year over a period of nearly twenty years, and nearly that number again of those students who dropped out of the system, and nearly twice that number of parents over the same period of years.  This is clearly an opportunity of a class action of enormous proportions maybe effecting some 40 to 60 million persons over 20 years.  

But it is worse even than that, because the effect of that fraud is felt over the rest of those persons’ lives and by society as a whole who have to accommodate those poor unfortunates.  The lucky ones are those who actually make it to university and are re-educated and then subjected to the rigors of a tertiary education. The unlucky one’s are those who didn’t make it and who will never make it.  The scope and effect of the deceit is mind boggling and inexcusable and the fact that is was perpetuated in the name of political expediency just makes it even more inexcusable.

But this blog is not about retribution.  It may be about restitution but even that is unimportant when compared to the primary purpose, which is to illustrate to South African’s that the DDF is aware of the nature and extent of this deceit and that a DDF administration will stop it in its tracks and heed the pleas of  high school teacher Maryke Bailey and University Rector Professor Jonathan Jansen and so many other largely voiceless and helpless victims.

See DDF education policies.  See how DDF policies can help you?

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The buck stops at the ballot box

How can someone so stupid or so deceitful be?

So government denies Pres.Zuma had any knowledge of the development or cost implications or the funding of the upgrading of his (Zuma’s) Nkandla compound.  Is that the same as Pres. Zuma denying said knowledge?  Almost?  Nearly?  Well, maybe.

How can this be?  Have a look at the extent of the development traced graphically here and tell anyone  that the owner or primary occupant of that property could not have some awareness of the extent of the development and some  inkling of the cost implications of the project.  No thinking person will believe that assertion.  So the assertion must be an inaccurate rendering of the truth.

But let’s just pause a moment and imagine that the primary occupant was so preoccupied with matters of state that the before and after pictures of the Nkandla compound passed over his head and weren’t noticed.  Two possibilities exist.  He was either very very busy indeed or unusually insensitive to what was going on around him in his own compound.  Not exactly what one might expect of a head of state.  But this is South Africa so perhaps even the most unlikely events become possible.

And it is not as if the expenditure was limited to R200M.  The publicly funded costs of Nkandla and its surrounds broke the R2 Billion mark.

It does beg the question,  how can someone so stupid or so deceitful be……..?  Perhaps they just think South Africans are so stupid that none of this matters?  Well, South Africans are not stupid and it does matter, very much.

See Direct Democracy Forum policies and imagine a  Nkandla happening on a DDF administration’s watch. Beyond unlikely.

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The buck stops at the ballot box