How can someone so stupid or so deceitful be?

So government denies Pres.Zuma had any knowledge of the development or cost implications or the funding of the upgrading of his (Zuma’s) Nkandla compound.  Is that the same as Pres. Zuma denying said knowledge?  Almost?  Nearly?  Well, maybe.

How can this be?  Have a look at the extent of the development traced graphically here and tell anyone  that the owner or primary occupant of that property could not have some awareness of the extent of the development and some  inkling of the cost implications of the project.  No thinking person will believe that assertion.  So the assertion must be an inaccurate rendering of the truth.

But let’s just pause a moment and imagine that the primary occupant was so preoccupied with matters of state that the before and after pictures of the Nkandla compound passed over his head and weren’t noticed.  Two possibilities exist.  He was either very very busy indeed or unusually insensitive to what was going on around him in his own compound.  Not exactly what one might expect of a head of state.  But this is South Africa so perhaps even the most unlikely events become possible.

And it is not as if the expenditure was limited to R200M.  The publicly funded costs of Nkandla and its surrounds broke the R2 Billion mark.

It does beg the question,  how can someone so stupid or so deceitful be……..?  Perhaps they just think South Africans are so stupid that none of this matters?  Well, South Africans are not stupid and it does matter, very much.

See Direct Democracy Forum policies and imagine a  Nkandla happening on a DDF administration’s watch. Beyond unlikely.

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