Oh to be wrong! :={

Anyone reading these post could be forgiven for thinking the Direct Democracy Forum relish the opportunity to trash government.  The truth is that being right about the abysmal state of our government gives the DDF no pleasure.  The DDF would prefer to be wrong,  to sit back and enjoy the fruits of living in a well run society.  What pleasure and joy that would give the DDF.

What set this of was the M&G on-line report ‘Threatened Metro Manager‘.  The report demoralizes and uplifts at the same time.  

  • The degree of political interference in the administration of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality just beggars belief.  The nature of the threats against a municipal manager, if not explicitly so then obviously and by deliberate innuendo, are violent and border on criminal assault.  The whole is simply demoralizing.

The report however does contain hope and upliftment.  

  • A senior member of the municipal management, the metro manager herself, has had the courage to challenge the outrageous behaviour of her political bosses.  In short she has blown the whistle.  Hats off to Lindiwe Msengana-Ndlela.  What Lindiwe is doing requires courage, determination and strength of character.

The DDF‘s approach to undue influence and bullying tactics imposed by anyone on civil servants would be to treat it as criminal and ensure that prosecution in the courts follows as a natural consequence, so, in common with all other criminal behaviour, it will be rendered too unprofitable to pursue.  The DDF will also fully support efforts of civil servants like Lindiwe to pursue their career goals, professionally, ethically and honourably, without let or hindrance.  Anyone who doubts the intent of the DDF should visit the DDF Local Government policy page which  illustrates the seriousness with which the DDF view local government and service delivery issues.

The buck stops at the ballot box.