Back To Basics Economics

Sometimes the list of issues demanding comment is depressing at best.

Four such issues and a consequence illustrate the need for a radical re-alignment of government in the economy of the country.

IssuesPolitical interfere in medical matters,   Politics dash education hopes,  Politics fail health care,  Politics fail parastatals

Consequence:  Stagflation

There was a time when South Africa had a thriving economy and was largely self-sufficient in all but the needs of the highest technological level, and then not always.  In some fields South Africa led the world.  Today we are largely dependent on the world at large for most of our needs and we have moved from being a nation of producers to a nation of consumers, fed off by many nations whose only goal is to profit from their commercial and technological involvement with no care of how their dealings strip South Africa of its wealth and it’s capacity to be self-sufficient.  In fact it is this very lack of self-sufficiency that these nations wish to cultivate and the very wealth that they deliberately strip so South Africa can become a vassal state.

What nonsense this is?   How does one link the above issues to the above consequence?  I can just imagine the apologists outrage.

The truth is that while no one of those issues led to that single consequence, these four issues are symptomatic of the way the entire economy is run, into the ground.  Wherever you look, incompetent ANC appointees are making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, about everything you can imagine from animal welfare, through education, health care, public enterprise  to youth development

The Direct Democracy Forum have an integrated plan for the economic upliftment of every South African and it’s goal is to convert this ANC socialist vision of dependency into a South African vision of independence and pride. Under a DDF administration South Africa will become a nation of producers which employs South Africans and puts them first and the ambitions of the rest of the world back where they belong – that is back wherever they came from.  Look to DDF policies for evidence of the plan and the political will.  DDF policies consist of a back to basics for education, training, skills, employment and reward.

On the question of reward, the South African economy will handsomely reward every South African who merits reward, through diligence, persistence, creativity, endeavour and honesty and the state will not tax anyone beyond the application of TEAL.  

On the question of TEAL, TEAL will enable South Africa to achieve all its economic, industrial and social goals without recourse to unaffordable debt or dubious forms of taxation, such as but not limited to E-Tolls.

Then the naysayers will say that policy is worth nothing, but the truth is it is worth a world of achievement, because achievement can be measured against policy.  A government with no policy has no plan and without a plan there can be no achievement.  Policy and achievement are thus linked indivisibly.

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