Varsity Cash Crunch

You cannot have adequate education without adequate funding.  The dilemma faced by South African varsities is not uncommon in the world although there are probably some local elements that complicate SA’s situation.  This dilemma is discussed in the M & G on-line article ‘Varsities buckle under cash crunch’.

South Africa enjoyed a mostly admirable if short history in education and our varsities and school systems could stand proud in the world of education.   That many were excluded from those systems was a fault of the politicians and not the educators.  The Direct Democracy Forum are dedicated to the support of educators and the education system from pre-school to post-graduate education.  DDF education policies reflect that dedication and  DDF tax and TEAL policies reflect our ability to give effect to those policies.  The DDF intend to see that South African education and educators are recognised as amongst the best in the world.

The buck stops at the ballot box