Elections – DDF Needs Support to get onto Ballot

Deadline for submission of lists for the 2014 elections is nearing – 5pm 12th March 2014.

There are two things the DDF need at this point – 830 Candidates (see list below) and R605 000.

These are both difficult goals to achieve at short notice.

Below is a list of Candidates required from each province and nationally.

National Assembly                   National           Regional               Provincial            Total

National Assembly                   200                  200                                                  400
Regional                                   200                  200
EC                                                                      26                         63                       89
FS                                                                       11                         30                       41
GT                                                                       48                         73                     121
Kzn                                                                      40                         80                    120
Limpopo                                                              19                         49                       68
Mpl                                                                       15                         30                       45
 NW                                                                     13                         30                       43
 NC                                                                        5                         33                       38
 WC                                                                     23                         42                       65
 Total                                       400                                                  430                     830

The way it works is each of those numbers is a list of that many (or fewer) candidates.

There is a list for 200 nationally allocated seats and 9 lists for 200 regionally allocated seats (see above for distribution), together making up the 400 seats in the national assembly.  That is for the elections for the National Assembly.

Then there are 9 lists for the 9 Provincial assemblies, in total 430 seats.  This is for the Provincial Assemblies elections.

The two together total 830 seats.  If we can we would like 830 names, one candidate for each of those 830 seats. 

To qualify for the regional or provincial lists you must reside and vote in one of the 9 provinces and your name can appear on the list for that region/province.  To qualify for the national list, you can reside and vote anywhere in South Africa.  In both cases you must be a registered voter, not have been sentenced to a prison term without the option of a fine or have served such a sentence in the past (we think) 5 years, not be an un-rehabilitated insolvent and be of sound mind.

If you qualify on those counts and wish to be listed as a candidate on our lists then complete and sign an Appendix 5 form (available from the IEC web site or Appendix 5 for  CandidateAcceptance&Undertaking (in .doc format) and return it to the DDF c/o johnadrianbarri at gmail dot com) before Friday  7th March, along with a copy of your ID page with bar-code and photograph and a CV with photograph.   If we receive this after 7th but before 12th, we will try to include you if the lists are still open.

This is a chance to serve society and your fellows in a meaningful way.

Regarding the R605 000 – we hope the Constitutional Court will intervene but none the less are trying to meet that requirement.  So if you or anyone you know has some spare cash lying around – contact us at johnadrianbarri at gmail dot com and we will tell you what to do with it.

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