Teaching Bureaucracy at its worst

This report is of an educational bureaucratic nightmare

A Direct Democracy Forum administration will:

  • See that ill teachers are treated with the respect that is their due.
  • ‘Board’ teachers who are medically unfit for duty, without undue delay.
  • Insist that teachers redundant in one school find employment where they are needed in another school.
  • Insist that teachers accept reasonable transfers or are dismissed.
  • Insist that administrators support the teachers in the schools and teachers who are too ill to teach.
  • Administrators who are unwilling or unable to fulfill their duties will also face dismissal.

Teachers and administrators who are unreasonably unwilling to perform their duties in the manner required of them, take note:  Do not vote for the DDF.

Teachers and administrators who are willing to do their duty, they can vote for us without doubt, if they wish, for we will turn their  lives around.  Under a DDF administration their  profession will be amongst the most respected and rewarding and rewarded professions in the land.  But these are rewards that need to be earned.  They are not entitlements.  Have a look at DDF Education policies.

The buck stops at the ballot box