Blame Game in the Security Sector

Government’s concerns over the proliferation of foreign ownership of the major players in the security industry as discussed here, is xenophobic at best and disingenuous at worst.  If the so called security cluster really want to know what is wrong with the security sector, they should look in the mirror a bit more often.

It is true that the government should not be responsible for guarding every household and every private building and  every cash in transit vehicle in the country but it is equally true that government is responsible for adequately policing and prosecuting criminals responsible for the proliferation of crime in the country.  It is government that is responsible for public safety and security and not the private security industry, whether foreign or locally owned.  It is also true that Government is responsible for the abysmal state of our economy, the poorly educated, poorly trained and underemployed masses and the circumstances that make criminality so attractive to these unfortunates thus adding fuel to the fire, as discussed here.

  • A Direct Democracy Forum administration will have the means to properly staff, train, equip and support the South African Police Services so they again become the primary enforcers of public safety and security and an effective force in the detection and prosecution of criminals throughout the land.
  • More importantly the same DDF administration will have the means to skill and employ most of those unfortunates and remove any social justification for their criminality, as discussed here and here

It is a sad reality that what was a highly respected police service was politicised by the Nationalist government of the apartheid era and has been and is politicised by the current ANC regime.   The fiascoes concerning control of the police services and the judiciary and the political interference in the affairs of the criminal justice system, such as discussed here, and here and here and here and here will be history under a DDF administration.

  •  Any attempt to politicise the criminal justice system from whatever source whatsoever, will be dealt with severely by the criminal justice system itself, with the full blessing of the DDF administration.  DDF Safety and Security policies and DDF Judicial Policies speak for themselves on DDF commitment to an independent and apolitical and functioning criminal justice system.

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