SA Government Surveillance of South Africans

An article in the M & G states that compared to South Africans, Americans have nothing to worry about regarding communications surveillance.  In South Africa, the RICA system is designed specifically to intrude into the communications between South Africans and anyone else in the world,  indeed, between South Africans in South Africa.  Big Brother is Watching Us.

A Direct Democracy Forum administration will severely limit the ability of South African security services to access communications between South Africans and other persons without due cause and due process.  The due process will involve the state convincing the judiciary that there is cause to intercept and interrogate specific communications and any such communications obtained without that due process and without the issuing of a specific warrant will be inadmissible in court and in itself will constitute a criminal act.  Security services will be expected to respect the law in the conduct of their intelligence gathering and if not could well find themselves on the other side of the law, facing charges and possible imprisonment.

This is just another facet of the DDF‘s comprehensive policies on the Judiciary and Security.  This does not mean that the DDF administration will be weak on security, merely that a DDF administration will be tough on the rule of law and support for the constitution and for the protections afforded South Africans by South Africa’s constitution.  The message will always be, do it right or don’t do it at all.

The buck stops at the ballot box.