R100 Million deals and no statements for customers

It is very hard not to get personal about maladministration, nepotism, incompetence and graft because it effects us all in a very personal manner.

Some 15 years ago my family bought a house.  The house was modest, the down-payment was equally modest, the monthly bond repayments excessive but just bearable and the utilities bill was not cheap but was also just bearable, and we had regular statements of account from the Johannesburg municipality.

15 years down the line the monthly municipal utilities and rates and taxes bills far exceed the bond repayments we have had to make, we have not had municipal statements of account mailed to us in almost twelve months even although the municipality was able to mail notice of municipal property evaluations to us (it took two months to reach us, by the way) and during the 2011/2012 financial year  the Johannesburg municipality did business with its own and other state employees and office bearers to the tune of R100 000 000 (100 Million Rands).

So it’s very difficult not to get personal about maladministration, nepotism, incompetence and graft.  It effects everyone so personally.

The Direct Democracy Forum intend fixing these problems through application of DDF Policies, particularly with regard to the way municipalities behave and run their affairs, through DDF local government policies and the way municipalities fund those affairs through DDF tax policies and the application of TEAL.

The buck stops at the ballot box.

McBride and the Justice System

McBride won his appeal against his convictions for drunken driving and obstruction of the justice system.  How can that be?

Given that he was returning from a Christmas party at the time of the incident and he crashed his car, clearly he was in no state to drive, whatever the cause.  Eyewitnesses reported McBride smelling of alcohol and his and the behaviour of his co-workers bullying witnesses, and McBride removing himself from the scene of the accident ensuring that a blood alcohol test was not taken, and McBride traveling to Durban to get a supportive medical report on his condition.  Surely this all suggests obstruction of justice, at the very least.  Yet the high court in Pretoria on Thursday concluded he was not guilty on all charges.  That is all very strange.

The Direct Democracy Forum‘s  concern is not so much with the high court decision, as with the fact that the blood alcohol test was not taken and that in itself should have been evidence of obstruction of justice sufficient to attract a criminal conviction and jail time.  At the very least this is evidence of a failure of the entire justice system, as involved in this case, to do its job in a professional manner and to provide clear and incontestable evidence, so there is no doubt as to the state of McBride at the time of the accident.  This entire incident leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

If this can happen once, particularly with a highly stationed police officer, it can happen again, and points to the need for a total overhaul of the justice system, top-down.  This is something that DDF policies on the judicial system will ensure

The buck stops at the ballot box.