McBride and the IPID

Having Robert McBride as head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is not something that would happen in a country that has real respect for the law and meaningful consideration for public sensibilities, so the Direct Democracy Forum believe.

Mr McBride’s history has been described as controversial, checkered and doubtful.  This article outlines why that is so.  It does however seem to fit the profile of ANC cadres pretty well and that speaks more loudly about what can only be seen as a cadre appointment to one of the most sensitive positions in South Africa.

Our opinion on the overturn of McBride’s criminal convictions on appeal, including convictions for drunken driving and subversion of justice, which overturn we questioned the propriety of at the time, are stated here, and the public record of his behaviour in that incident speaks louder than this dismissal did, as to his lack of respect for the law.  So we ask, how can anyone, however well qualified in other areas, be appointed to a position that should be saturated in respect for the law?

But this is typical of ANC strategy for cadre appointments at all levels of government – it is what suits the ANC rather than what is best for the country which matters, and loyalty to the ANC is paramount in that.  We have spoken on the failures of cadre appointments and resulting failure in service delivery in DDF local government policies.  We have no doubt this appointment will not buck the trend and is just another reason for a much needed change in government.

A DDF administration would immediately terminate any appointment of McBride to such a sensitive position, if only because we believe such an appointment would to be morally indefensible in a responsive and sensitive democracy.  DDF security policies outline the DDF approach in these matters, which will develop maximum professionalism and will tolerate no political interference in the criminal justice system.

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