2013 Budget – Business as usual

The Direct Democracy Forum, as an aspirant political party, has to comment on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s  budget speech.  Regrettably there seems to be little that is worthy of comment, but we will try.

  • No tax increases but the 15% hike in the fuel levy, with hikes in sin taxes and investment taxes effectively nail everyone to the ground.  It is sleight of hand stuff – smoke and mirrors – no less. 
  • Gordhan’s assertions that government must cut its coat to fit its cloth is scant comfort.  Since when has an ANC government been able to do that?
  • No effort is made to address the National Debt.
  • No effort is made to address how the NHI (National Health Insurance) plan is to be funded.  A surprise over the hill for taxpayers, no doubt.

No – the DDF are not impressed.

See what others think of it all – M & G: Don’t smile, your being mugged.

Consider the DDF‘s vision of TEAL in contrast with layered versions of taxation presently imposed on South Africans and the DDF‘s proposed Senate and plans for local government as a means of controlling the excesses of National and Local Government.  It’s not that the ANC have lost the plot, by comparison with the DDF, the ANC never had a plot.  This budget simply reinforces that reality.  Business as normal.

The buck stops at the ballot box.