What are South African troops doing in the Central African Republic?

More to the point, assuming a legitimate reason for being there, what idiot sends 200 (or is it 400?) troops into what is essentially a war zone, without adequate logistical support, including a workable exit strategy in case the wheels fall off?  Must be a politician who did that.  No self respecting military leader who had ever heard of Hitler or Napoleon would do it.

Then there is the question of whether a legitimate reason even exists and whether the requirements of the constitution have been met regarding the deployment of SA troops on foreign soil.  The debate continues here.  The ANC are doing their best to justify this exercise but not, we think, to the satisfaction of South Africa’s citizens, and certainly not to the Direct Democracy Forum’s satisfaction.  Just another thing to be answered for.

A DDF administration would be happy to train the military of any democratic country with a legitimate government in place, but it would do so on South African soil, not foreign soil, and if we ever sent advisors to a foreign country they would be just that, advisors, few in number and without a gun between them, not combat troops numbered in their hundreds. 

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The buck stops at the ballot box.