Why low education standards?

It is funny the way pieces of a jigsaw miraculously snap together and the picture you see is not what you expected to see.  That the truth is not what it seemed to be from viewing the pieces separately.

I’m really discussing the death of Nelson Mandela and the empowering effect of that event, taken up by commentators who suddenly seem empowered to look at SA’s and Mandela’s history, with greater clarity, to connect what is happening today with what happened under a cloak of secrecy yesterday.

Let me be explicit:  The struggle was not so much about liberating the suppressed of South Africa as it was about affording the communist empires access to the entire Southern African sub-continent.  This is what gave the West political justification to tolerate successive Nationalist governments and the freedom to remove that implicit support at the end of the ‘Cold War’.  This is what Mandela was really about and if the liberation myth had an ounce of truth to it, we would have had ethical governments over the past 20 years, our public schools system would work, our public health systems would work, our public transport system would work, we would have a thriving industrial and manufacturing sector working for the people of South Africa, we would not have close to 50% of our work-aged population unemployed, we would not import most of what we consume, run current account and balance of payment deficits and massive government debts that our children and their children after them will be paying off decades into the future, unless we do something about it today, and we would have reserved South Africa, if not exclusively for South Africans, at least mainly for South Africans and South Africa would still be the power house of Africa and the gateway to Africa.  But that is not what has happened over the past 20 years.

Why am I expressing this now?  First, the Myth of Improved Matriculation Results debunked as discussed here by Professor Jonathan Jansen, which is testimony to the fact that despite the stats, our standards of education are not improving from a level that is repeatedly judged to be close to the lowest in the world, second, the observation by a caller on a Radio 702 chat show that the only way autocratic government succeeds is by keeping its citizens ignorant (he was also discussing the 2013 Matriculation results) and third, the myth of ANC role in the struggles as discussed in this M&G on-line report, and elsewhere, and what it was really about.  

Change must happen, at the next elections.  Let’s empower a government of the people, for the people, by the people.   A Direct Democracy Forum administration will deliver government of the people , for the people, by the people.

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