For anyone in doubt as to the extent of the development of the Nkandla presidential compound, this is a slide-show not to be missed:

View the Nkandla Slide-Show, compliments of the M & G On-Line.  

The show speaks for itself but it must be remembered that in addition to the Nkandla development costs there is the development of the Nkandla surrounds, the costs of the complex and the surrounding infrastructure amount to two billion rand or more.  So we are not talking about a trifling R200M, but ten times that amount in taxpayers’ money. 

It seems from this report that President Zuma basically hijacked the public works department’s involvement and inserted contractors of his own choice to deliver the results that he wanted Nkandla to reflect.  Read the report yourself and see what you think.

No wonder Thuli Madonsela is critical.

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The buck stops at the ballot box.

Secrecy Bill attacks Chapter 9 integrity

Protection of State Information Bill – the so-called secrecy Bill – attacks the integrity of Chapter 9 of the constitution and is probably unconstitutional and therefor in itself, illegal.  Chapter 9 institutions are intended to strengthen and support the democratic process of South Africa.  An attack on a Chapter 9 institution is an attack on democracy in South Africa and therefor an attack on the constitution and whatever doubts one has had about the intention of the ANC in that regard are pretty much dispelled by the actions of government against against Thuli Madonsela.

No act of parliament can overturn the constitution or any provision thereof except and if it is also a constitutional amendment, and the ANC do not have the necessary parliamentary support for that.

A Direct Democracy Forum administration  will restore the integrity of Chapter 9 institutions, and restore their invulnerability and superiority to all agents of government, as was patently the intent of the drafters of the constitution, and may well bring criminal action against those involved in this attack on the constitution, if that is appropriate.

See DDF judicial policies and judge for yourself the DDF‘s intent to uphold the constitution.

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The buck stops at the ballot box 

Nkandla Again – 2 Billion and Counting

The ministry of defence have announced further extensions to Nkandla compound.  The total cost of the entire development for that compound and surrounds is not a mere R200M which commentators speak of but instead is close to R2 Billion (see here).  Just where will it end?

And later – the M & G reports their report was in error, that the upgrades are intended to make the presidential clinic at Nkandla available to the general community.  This somehow justifies what?  Perhaps they hope to sweeten the R2 Billion pill.

A Direct Democracy Forum administration will ensure that such profligate expenditure ends and that expenditure to date is recovered, as much as is possible.

The buck stops at the ballot box.