More Idiot Laws to burden South Africa

The Licensing of Businesses Bill 2013, has to be one of the worse pieces of imagined legislation to come out of an ANC dominated parliament.  This is reported on here on the ‘Half Hatched Law’.  Every business in the country will be required to be licenced and to pay licence fees to their municipalities.  The Direct Democracy Forum see this as just another taxation and justification for more heavy handed and unnecessary regulation on the citizens of the country.  It is estimated that some Six Million business will be effected.  How will that work other than to further empower and embolden petty officialdom in their efforts to engage in questionable activities instead of serving their employers, that is, those living, working and trading within the boundaries of their municipalities  Some seem to  have strange agendas.

The DDF‘s take on business licences is that all businesses which employ staff in a building or a work-space or serve the public from a building or a work-space would require to be licenced, which licence would be issued free of charge to any such businesses which satisfy the health and safety requirements related to those premises.  Simple – health and safety are a given.  Unnecessary taxes and regulation are not.  Municipalities will not be funded by layers and layers of local taxes and the state will not be funded by layers and layers of national taxes.  Instead all levels of government will be funded through TEAL, a transparent single-tax tax system.

So where does that leave the street vendor?  The DDF will leave the street vendor free to earn a living from selling wares and fruits and vegetables from street-sides and pavements, provided they comply with local by-laws, including health, sanitation and environmental requirements, but otherwise free from harassment based on bureaucratic requirements dreamed up by overpaid and under employed parliamentarians and officials.

DDF policies are intended to enable the economy and empower all in the economy, not unnecessarily enable petty bureaucracies.

The buck stops at the ballot box.