The Horrors of Diepsloot

Diepsloot face a new horror with a neglect related death of a seven month old toddler.

It is easy to express rage but not so easy to see a way forward for the many South African communities that are so distressed, such as is Diepsloot, that they simply are dysfunctional and almost anything can happen, as this tragic story relates.

Any Direct Democracy Forum administration will have tangible and doable DDF policies backed by sound fiscal means derived from TEAL, that will enable the upliftment of South Africa’s poor communities, through education, training, skills development, employment opportunities all engaged in community development.  There is so much under-delivery of services and so much scope for employment, that efforts to play catch-up on twenty years of neglect will result in a great deal of wealth creation for the next twenty years at least, most of which will be retained in the communities themselves.

The goal is that dysfunctional communities become functional, with sufficient wealth  and populated by sufficiently skilled and employed individuals that there will be fewer disenfranchised individuals behaving like predators.  More community members will engage responsibly with their communities, local economies and their families, instead of in questionable activities that leave unfortunate children at risk.  It won’t be an easy task but every step in reconstructing communities will be a step in the right direction and will be felt by all as they happen, and each success will encourage more successes.

These are the DDF’s goals and DDF policies are the means.

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The buck stops at the ballot box

Painting the economy into a corner

It seems the ANC government are painting themselves and us into a corner.  They are relying on small and medium enterprises to provide 90% of future job growth, yet at the same time their labour polices and regulatory red tape, both of which SMEs regard as being prejudicial at best and outright harmful at worse, are making it difficult for SMEs to provide  growth.

The Direct Democracy Forum would seek to support workers in the workplace while at the same time support employers’ needs to trade profitably.  These two goals are not mutually exclusive.  Indeed they are indivisibly bound together. For employers to view workers as enemies or workers to view employers as enemies is stupid and short-sighted. They are mutually dependent upon one another.  They should be supportive of one another so they both benefit.

There are parallels in nature that are worth considering.  The parasite / host relationship of many life forms is worthy of note. The parasite that destroys its host is doomed to extinction.  The predator that destroys all its prey instead of just that which it needs for survival, will soon go hungry and die.  What makes labour and employers think they are immune to these simple truths, that somehow they can rise above nature and act simply out of greed without suffering similar consequences.

Somehow the adversarial stances of both labour and employers needs to be turned around to one of mutual cooperation, respect and benefit.

The DDF will work to enable that change to every one’s benefit, including the benefit of the economy as a whole.

DDF policies are comprehensive and holistic in nature.  We understand that treating symptoms of an ailment is not likely to cure the ailment.  We will engage in policies which will address the causes of poverty and the high cost of living that makes so many lives in South Africa miserable and unbearable and act as catalysts for social despair and unrest.  It is no good dealing with unrest with a firm hand.  Rather deal with our failures with a firm hand.  When we start getting it right the poverty and unrest will become a thing of the past and we can all get on with our lives.

The buck stops at the ballot box.