Children’s Rights locked out of the election

South Africa should be in tears that the the Direct Democracy Forum failed to gain entry to the 2014 election race.

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which are the DDF’s education policies, youth development policies and social welfare policies, driven by TEAL, the SENATE and LOCAL GOVERNMENT policies, which would have ushered a new era of advancement and development across the whole of South Africa.

This article “Children’s rights forgotten” actually got it wrong.  There is at least one party in South Africa who have not forgotten the children.  It’s just that the DDF don’t have an election manifest because the DDF weren’t allowed into the election.  But the DDF are the only party in South Africa with a clear vision for the country and its children and clear and accessible policies that can me measured against DDF actions and the political will to implement those policies, yet the the DDF are locked out of the 2014 election race.  That is a crying shame.

At the DDF we believe locking out the DDF and other parties from the elections is unconstitutional and if we have the opportunity to argue that case before the Constitutional Court, we will embrace it with all our hearts and minds.

In the meanwhile, shed a tear or two for our ailing nation as it faces another five-year cycle of abuse.

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