The President’s Keepers

The President’s Keepers by Jacques Pauw, investigative journalist extraordinaire, could be sub titled Wading Through Sewerage. South Africa owes Mr Pauw and extraordinary debt of gratitude for placing his knowledge of the president’s keepers at our disposal. His assertion that if you cannot afford or cannot obtain a hard copy or an e-book copy of The President’s Keepers, you should read a pdf copy, many of which abound on the internet, until you can buy a legitimate copy, is just about the best advice any South African can give to any other South African. Needless to say the book’s publishers and distributors do not share that sentiment but our sentiment is with Mr Pauw’s. If you are a South African, this is essential reading.

Mr Pauw observes in his introduction “Zuma and his small band have managed not only to capture our law enforcement agencies – put their pals in charge, make cases disappear, dismantle structures that worked effectively – but also use these institutions to eliminate their opponents through trumped up charges and harassment.

The whistleblowers came to me (Pauw) because they felt that things had gone horribly wrong and that maybe, just maybe, a book like this (The Presidents Keepers) would make a difference.”

I am sure Mr Pauw has received many higher accolades from much more exalted sources than the Direct Democracy F, but our accolade is simply to say that, yes, your book has made a difference, a huge difference, and we owe you an everlasting debt of gratitude for your contribution and for the risks taken in order make that difference.

In eighteen chapters, each one leaving the reader with a greater sense of disgust and revulsion, we are led through the machinations of an absolutely corrupt administration that has made a mockery of every element of good governance observed throughout the rest of the civilised world, and in the process spent, wasted and probably stolen billions of Rands of taxpayers’ money.

Here are some of the bad guys: Of course there is Jacob Gedleyihlekisa (the one who laughs while grinding his enemies) Zuma, M Mpshe, N Jiba, L Mrwebi, S Abrahams, R Mdluli, B Ntlemeza, A Fraser, T Moyane, the Guptas, Molefe, D v Rooyen, M Gigaba, J Radebe, D Mahlobo, M Hulley (J.Z’s attorney), P Mokotedi, to name a few.

Here are some of the Heroes who stood against the Zumerites: A Dramat, J van Loggerenberg, I Pillayt, Glynnis Breytenbach, Johan Booysen, Nhlanhla Nene, Pravin Gordhan, Thuli Madonsela, Judges F Legodi and W Hughes, M Nxasana, R McBride, Paul O’Sullivan, S Sibiya. With the exception of the judges, these persons for the most part were hounded and persecuted by the bad guys for challenging their corrupt practices.

The lists go on. Names well known in South Africa through media reporting of their conflicts and expanded on in The President’s Keepers.

There are many more bad guys and many more heroes (many anonymous whistleblowers, for instance) because the corruption is endless and mind blowing. If you want to know more about it, get a copy of The President’s Keepers and read it. My own experience was that I had to step back at the end of each chapter and take a break from wading through sewerage, and by the time I had finished the book, I had to again step back, for at least a week, before I even attempted to assimilate properly what was related, let alone comment on it.

If, as we were, you were aghast at the revelations of The State Capture report by the then Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, you will be shocked and revolted by the revelations of The President’s Keepers, and the sooner you and all others in South Africa read it, the better it will be for South Africa, because this has to end.

And how will it all end? Many ANC stalwarts are trying to avoid the fallout and the blame, and to cleanse the ANC of guilt, and while we do not wish to tar all in the ANC with the same brush, the ANC enabled it’s leadership and thus are complicit in the most disgusting series of acts of treason (there is no better word to describe their crimes) that only the total annihilation of the ANC in the 2019 general elections and the bringing to account of all those implicated in these crimes, will appease South Africa’s need for justice.

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