Outrage at Gupta Indulgence

This is actually trivia.  This is not something that the Direct Democracy Forum would want to sully it’s hands with.  There are more important issues to deal with in South Africa, such as the abysmal state of our public sector education, health care and service delivery, yet the indulgence and patronage displayed by someone (everyone in government is playing ‘pass the parcel’ as convincingly as possible, and denying responsibility) is simply unacceptable and trivia or not, needs to be dealt with.

Even the ANC are crying foul and someone’s head no doubt will role but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will not be the head of anyone really responsible for this outrage.  For a pretty good summary of events, see here.

How would a DDF administration react to this?  

  • For starters, this would never occur under a DDF administration.  No business person or organisation would ever get that close to a DDF administration that they could pull the necessary strings to pull off that stunt.  
  • The DDF would let the law take its course
  • Those implicit in the disgrace would face dismissal and criminal and military justice.
  • Those who entered South Africa illegally would have been held in detention and been deported in disgrace, wedding or not, and be declared personae non gratae.
  • Those who impersonated official police escorts for the Gupta entourage while traveling from Waterkloof to Sun City  would all face criminal prosecution and, if they were also members of the police, internal disciplinary action and dismissal.  

For once we must agree with Jeremy Cronan, deputy general secretary of the SA Communist Party, when he said, ‘We are not a playground for rich foreigners’.  So lastly, the Gupta’s would be seriously censured and, if need be and appropriate, would also face criminal prosecution.

This is an invasion of South African sovereignty and trivial or not that makes it a very serious issue and would evoke a very serious response.  The real outrage is that this trivia should have been allowed to happen and divert SA’s attention away from the really important issues of the day.

The buck stops at the ballot box.