Seas, Coasts, Fisheries and Borders

he  Sekunjalo controversy as reported here is about much more than just possible or probable corruption and the awarding of tenders to the palpably ill equipped.  The tender was to perform highly specialised services in the protection of South Africa’s coastal and deep see fisheries and was obviously rigged so the successful bidder, who admitted it did not have the resources or the capacity to perform, was awarded the tender on the basis that it would pilfer the resources of the unsuccessful bider in order to satisfy the terms of the tender.  How sick is that?  Perhaps the members of the selection committee were influenced to change their original decision from an outright winner in favour of Sekunjalo, perhaps not,  but the bidding process was clearly flawed.  More importantly it is a tale about how badly South African public services are underutilised in the protection of valuable national resources.

The Direct Democracy Forum expressed concerns about the co-ordination of many different elements of crime in the DDF Human and Contraband Trafficking  policy and lamented the underutilisation of the SANDF in protecting South Africa’s borders and the Sekunjalo controversy underscores the very need for that to change.

A DDF administration would form a border co-ordinating body that would co-ordinate the efforts of all agencies involved in the protection of our borders, both inland and at sea, and as stated in DDF Defence and Military policies the Defence Force would be actively involved in the closing down of South Africa’s borders to all forms of illicit traffic, and that includes poaching livestock from South African lands to poaching shellfish from our coastlines and poaching fish stocks within our economic interest zones along South Africa’s coast line.

South Africa’s defence force will keep itself in a state of high alert and competency through these activities while serving the interests of the country it is tasked to defend.  It will be familiar with every secret rout used by criminals in the course of their activities, who will no longer have the advantage of better knowledge of our borders than our own countrymen do.  South Africa will claim back its own and will do so without entering into dubious arrangements as envisaged in the Sekunjalo fiasco.

Under a DDF administration,  South Africa will become a nation proud of itself and jealous of it’s resources, which will no longer be available to all-comers.

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