SA Borderline Psychotic?

Traumatized by the events of the past decade or so, a glib prescription, take two prozac and read on.  This for South Africa in her time of illness.  The implication, it could get worse, you may need the prozac.

There was a time, not so long ago, when violence was such an everyday occurrence in SA that our nation was in a state of shock, where each act was considered to be something of the norm, where we were numbed by it and existed almost in a state if disbelief.  We seem to be headed that way again, this time it is violence against the nation as a whole perpetrated by those in whom we place our trust.  As one person put it, ‘something has to change’.

The Direct Democracy Forum can bring about that change, restore a sense of decency and reality to the affairs of the nation, where those guilty of violence and greed and sedition are judged accordingly and dealt with appropriately and her citizens can walk the streets of the nation free of fear and go about their business without let or hindrance and know that their economic security will not be undermined by the acts of by those in whom we place our trust.  Look at DDF policies and judge for yourself.

The buck stops at the ballot box.