Getting it right and ANC Bashing

The Direct Democracy Forum are often accused of ANC bashing.

Getting it right should be par for the course.  When the wheels start falling off, everyone in the country should be crying ‘danger, stop the bus’.  So, the DDF appear to bash the ANC.  If the DA were in power and produced the results that the ANC are producing the DDF would be DA bashing and when a DDF administration is in power, we would expect others to do to the DDF what the DDF did to them when the wheels started falling off.  In fact, if they did not do that they would not be doing their jobs and if they did and the DDF ignored the warnings, the DDF would not be doing its job.  That is how politics work.  Everyone has a role to play. Indeed, that’s also how governments are won and lost.

But it is refreshing that at least one ANC government minister expects government employees to do their jobs.  More strength to your arms Ms Sisulu.

They say, however, that one swallow does not make a summer.  For that you need whole flocks of swallows, which the DDF undertake to deliver.

The buck stops at the ballot box.