Employment Equity Versus Merit

The Direct Democracy Forum are absolutely against any form of racial profiling or quota based selection.  The DDF believe that by skewing expectations through social engineering based on race, apart from being racist and probably unconstitutional, South Africa is shooting itself in the foot.

By applying racial profiling or indeed any form of profiling other than merit, in any employment selection criteria, you are denying yourself access to the best available candidates who might otherwise be selected.  And what will they do?  They will find employment elsewhere. South Africa cannot afford any of this and the DDF will have none of it.  

So the DDF are against the Employment Equity Bill in any form and are for the meritocracy espoused by DDF Policies, DDF Goals and DDF FAQs and a DDF administration would rather focus on job creation and education and skills development to empower everyone rather than on racial discrimination to only empower some.

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