Limpopo Textbook Saga Continues

This M & G report ‘Textbook saga smacks of meddling‘ seems more like graft and corruption to the Direct Democracy Forum.

There is an expression – organised chaos.  The DDF interpret that to mean chaos organised so as to obscure truth.  That is what the Limpopo textbook saga seems to be,  that the system was manipulated and abused in order to allow a series of competing service organisations some with connections to bureaucrats involved in the ‘consumer-side’ of the operation to profit from the chaos, and to confuse and obscure what actually took place.

Reading the M & G report is not that enlightening, not because the M & G are particularly incompetent, indeed they are not, but the report attempts to bring to order this state of organised chaos and to the extent that it illustrates that chaos quite successfully the M & G succeeded in their efforts, if not in their intentions.

A DDF administration’s response to such a situation would be to remove all those involved in the chaos and start afresh – take control of the textbooks and the delivery system, place all of that in the hands of someone competent, and effect delivery within the shortest possible time.  30 days for those books already printed and bound, 60 days for those still requiring printing.  It would at the same time point forensic investigators at the original problem, determine the causes, and prosecute, criminally and civilly, all involved in the fiasco, and whatever clever little boytjies were involved in and profited from the chaos would live to regret their involvement and their profit.

This is the only response possible – fix the problem and punish those responsible for the problem, as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

We’ve posted on this topic before at ‘textbooks should be a given‘ and each time this issue is raised we become a little more enraged and determined to stop these debacles and incompetences and to deliver what is needed on time and for ever.  See DDF Education Policies.

The buck stops at the ballot box.