‘Our way’ Part 2 Support for Sensible Policies

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) are reported to have expressed the view that they will not support any policies adopted by both the Democratic Alliance (DA) (South Africa’s official opposition party) and by the ANC-endorsed national development plan (NDP).  Why?  Because the DA support the policies.

So, if the NDP and the DA both supported free education to tertiary level (arguably something that would benefit every student in the land),  or “Increase infrastructure investment to 10% of gross domestic product” (an actual NDP proposal supported by the DA) Numsa would not support the policy because the DA also support the policy.  That is truly doing it  ‘Our Way’.  Increasingly, doing it our way seems to be like shooting ourselves in the foot.

Sometimes there are policies and objectives that are so self evidently necessary that it is absolutely essential that even the most rabidly opposed parties simply must agree on, even when it sticks in the throat to do so.  The best interests of the nation and its people demand it of us all to do so.  That is a Direct Democracy Forum Policy that should be stated somewhere, that the best interests of the nation and its people come first in our lives.  It is not part of our policy but it is evident from a reading of the DDF’s goals.

See here for a report on Numsa’s position on the DA’s position.

The buck stops at the ballot box.