Human Rights Day

Thursday 21st March was Human Rights Day in South Africa primarily to remember the dead of the Sharpville massacre back in 1960. The ANC made as much political hay as they could of that and other Apartheid human rights violations, instead of focusing on the ways in which the current administration is obstructing and removing human rights from South African citizens. Lots of ways; the ‘Secrecy Act”, the “General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill”, the failure of successive ANC governments to deliver basic services, to deliver credible education, to deliver credible health care, and various acts of police brutality under the ANC’s watch, just to mention a few major issues. 

It is sad that successive ANC governments hide behind the transgressions of apartheid governments, which were many and inexcusable, instead of facing square-on their own transgressions and the genuine challenges faced by all in South Africa today. Very Sad.  Of course, the ANC were not the only party making political hay, as the above link shows.

The truly sad thing is that when the ANC are voted out of power they will leave a terrible mess to be cleaned up.  The Direct Democracy Forum hope it will be a DDF vote that makes the difference but the ANC’s successors, whomever they may be, are going to have to face those challenges head-on, and that will be no easy task.  The DDF have the courage, the political will and the policies to do just that.

The buck stops at the ballot box.