Strathyre Home for Girls at risk of closing

The Strathyre home has been a refuge for abandoned and abused girls for over 50 years, but is in danger of closing through lack of funds.

No doubt their’s is not a unique story and the same danger applies to any institution catering for the needs of boys and girls, who otherwise will fall through the cracks of society, and indeed for institutions addressing the many other charitable needs of society.

A Direct Democracy Forum administration will have the means, through the application of DDF Social Welfare policies and TEAL, to adequately fund all such institutions, and the DDF have the political will to ensure that no child in South Africa need ever feel abandoned and without hope.

What the DDF need, however, is the support of South Africans at the upcoming elections, to enable us to enable institutions such as the Strathyre Home for Girls and any other institution engaged in similar activities.

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