Low Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence according to the FNB/BER CCI hit a low of -7 for the first quarter of 2013 (down 4 points from the -3 index rating of the last quarter of 2012).  This article on the current CCI reading is not encouraging and the index is actually symptomatic of the State-capitalism, cronyism and protectionist policies of the current regime, policies a Direct Democracy Forum administration will terminate with extreme prejudice.

Contrast this with DDF policies on agriculture, energy, transport, communications, tax, local government, national government , amongst other policies, which generally are about disabling monopolies and cartels and removing government from the excessive involvement it has in the economy and freeing up private industry to serve the needs of the economy.  

This does not mean that a DDF administration will not be involved in the economy where necessary but it will only do so in support of the private sector and not to entrench state involvement in commerce and industry.  A DDF administration will be an enabling administration and the DDF believes that its hands-off approach will create an active, vibrant and competitive free-market economy from which all will benefit.

If you believe the DDF are crying wolf, and that there really are not the problems the DDF see, read this report on corruption and the billions of Rands it costs the economy and the ordinary citizens of our country.  There are very real challenges out there for any administration prepared to pick up the challenge.   And this the DDF are willing and eager to do.

The buck stops at the ballot box.