1 plus 1 = less than two

It seems that math is not only a problem in our schools but also a problem at Stats SA.  This is illustrated by the furore over the 2011 statistical census.  See here.

It has long been a Direct Democracy Forum concern that much of SA’s statistics are a result of wishful thinking rather than hard-nosed assessments.  In short, we believe, although we have no direct evidence of this, that the powers that be effectively collude with Stats SA to obtain the results desired by the powers that be.

The DDF gut feel is that there is no ways that SA’s population has languished over the past 17 years and that systemic under-reporting effectively understates the population pressures faced by the country and therefor the problems faced by the country and also, therefor, the degree of investment needed to address the needs of the population. In short, we believe that this allows the present government to ignore or downplay many of SA’s problems.  Thus they can claim to be doing an OK job when in reality they are far from doing an OK job.  They simply ignore the bigger part of the problem and Stat’s SA empowers them in that denial.  The DDF have previously commented on the 2011 census and our opinions are just further strengthened by this latest spat.  Nothing has changed and everything remains the same, and will continue to do so until we have a change of government, a change at the top.

The buck stops at the ballot box.