Evicted Street Vendors’ Plight

The Direct Democracy Forum believe they understand the objectives of both the Johannesburg Municipality (cleanliness and orderly conduct in Johannesburg’s Streets) and Johannesburg’s street vendor community (right to securely earn a living) but believe that indiscriminate removal of vendors from the streets is not the way to go about realizing either of these objectives.

What is needed in place of such draconian measures and the obvious costly legal challenges in response, is proper and ongoing management of the streets in which vendor activities are allowed.

In the view of the DDF, proper management of our streets does not seem to be happening, perhaps this is deemed too costly in terms of manpower and budget.  But that is what managing a city is about, the proper allocation of manpower and budget to see that agreements between the city and its residents are complied with, not indiscriminate raids and confiscation of goods and property when the agreements break down, which lower the city authorities to the level of pirates and brigands themselves.  All that to clean up a mess created by poor management, amounting in effect to poor service delivery.

If the job of managing the streets was done properly in the first place, this questionable behaviour would not have occurred and street vendors would be secure as productive members of Johannesburg’s streets and structures.

DDF local government policies will make for accountable and transparent government and, amongst other things, for proper service delivery and the proper management of the streets of all the country’s settlements, villages, towns and cities.

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