General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill

If passed into law, this bill will enable South African intelligence agencies almost unrestricted and unaccountable access to the private communications of South African citizens, under the guise that communications (most of them) are foreign in nature because they are routed through foreign servers.  So, if you use Skype or G-mail or almost any other electronic media system, your most private thoughts, all your most critical opinions (of your family, Government, the Public Service, the local Boy Scouts) are suddenly the property of South African security services.  Comforting.  Not so?  Big brother is indeed watching you.  This is not only the Direct Democracy Forum‘s opinion. See here and here.

Our whinging and moaning and groaning is not going to change this any, so we will simply wait until a DDF administration is in government.  When that happens there will be no communications surveillance without specific judicial oversight.  See DDF policy on Security.  So the spooks won’t like it but they too are servants of the people and subject to the constitutional requirements of the Republic of South Africa and they will simply have to bite the bullet and become more ethical and professional in the way they conduct their business.

The buck stops at the ballot box.