Textbooks should be a given

It is simply astounding that official policy is not that every child has the necessary textbooks needed for their education, today and every day of their school career, but is something else, as revealed here by the Mail & Guardian – viz. that the department of Basic Education only planned to provide every child with a textbook by 2014.

The Direct Democracy Forum believe this is simply untenable, particularly as a promise in this country is just a promise and delivery often falls short.  It is all too easy to promise for the future in order to appease for today.  You are never accountable today for promises for tomorrow.

A DDF administration will never substitute unaccountable promises for the future for accountable acts of the day and are prepared to be held accountable for that committal, particularly when it comes down to children’s education and the resourcing that needs, which is possibly the single most important need for the country’s future. See DDF eduction policies.

The buck stops at the ballot box