DDF Out of 2014 Race – what now?

Sadly for all of those who wanted us in the race – we were unable to raise the R200 000 that we needed to get onto the National Assembly Ballot – so for the time being we are not there for our supporters.  Another time, we promise.

We are being asked who to vote for in our absence.  The answer is simple – vote for your conscience.  If you were going to support us you were going to cast an opposition vote.  That should not change.  We hear story after story about spoiling votes, drawing a DDF logo on the ballot and putting a cross alongside it also spoils the vote – so please don’t do that.  Too many people fought for what they believed was the right road to democracy.  People of all races and political persuasions died for democracy in South Africa.  To spoil or withhold your vote is to say that what they fought for wasn’t worth the sacrifice.  Please don’t do that.

Instead, find a party which most closely fits your ideals, or the ideals of the DDF, and vote for them, even if the fit is less than perfect.  Every vote cast for the opposition is one vote more the ANC needs to get back into power.  As members of the opposition we should be making each vote count against the ANC.  You can’t help the DDF get back into the race for 2014 but you can help diminish the ANC presence in parliament.  This is a DDF goal that we all need to aim for.

Use your vote to do that.

Meanwhile, the fight goes on.  There are other elections and one will be a victorious election for the DDF.  It’s more a question of when than if.

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