Just when you thought it couldn’t be worse

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly be worse you discover that indeed it could be and is worse for some.  This is a sad tale of a sad school that can only have been unforgivably ignored.  Try visuallising that for your child!

It is easy to utter platitudes about the failure of South Africa’s public school system (said to be almost the worst system in the world) and easy for the ANC to complain about underinvestment in black education under apartheid, but come on, zero percent pass rates when we are formally 2 decades out of apartheid and segregation, and formal discrimination in education is some 3 decades past.  The Direct Democracy Forum are convinced that these failures are symptoms of present failures to deliver to our beleaguered youth and bad policy decisions right from the start of the post-apartheid era and are not symptoms of apartheid neglect.  The neglect is in not identifying every at-risk school in the land (what would that be, most schools?) and deal with them on a worst-case-first rotation.

It requires some out-of-the-box thinking and the political and fiscal will to turn these disasters around and the DDF are not being glib and populist and mouthing off in the expectation that they will never be required to put their money where the mouths are.  A DDF administration will exercise the necessary political will and allocate the necessary funds to end these tales of despair.  What else could we do?  Let this state continue?  Not a chance.  A DDF administration would be too ashamed to allow that to happen, as should any administration.  DDF education policies reflect DDF determination to put an end to this sorry misery.    

The buck stops at the ballot box.